Otto Gumaelius

Marimba & Mbira Music From Southern Africa

Otto Gumaelius is a London based, Botswana raised, performing artist & teacher of southern African folk music on the marimba.

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Mvura Ichanaya

by Otto Gumaelius

Mvura Ichanaya, is Otto’s debut album, recorded with his band Otto & The Mutapa Calling. It is a collection of folk songs from southern Africa arranged by Otto, alongside some of Otto’s own songs. All songs were recorded using soprano, tenor and baritone marimbas with drumming, hosho, singing, clapping and mbira accompanying on the various tracks.

Mvura Ichanaya can be purchased here as a physical CD or digital download. It is also available on all major online stores, including iTunes, Google Play, Amazon.

To download the CD booklet, click here.

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